My WiFi Router


My WiFi Router is a program that allows you to turn your computer into a WiFi hotspot to which you can connect other devices such as smartphones or tablets


Turn your PC into a WiFi hotspot

March 20, 2019
7 / 10

If you need to get hold of a WiFi access point to which you can connect several devices, your PC can play that role. For such purpose, you'll need a program of the likes of My WiFi Router to turn it into a WiFi hotspot.

Share your connection with other devices

This program allows you to connect to your PC other devices such as smartphones or tablets creating a new WiFi network. It comes along with different basic functions that can easily be managed and allow us to carry out tasks such as the following:

  • Find out what devices are connected to the WiFi network you've created.
  • Create lists of trustworthy devices or blacklists to block those that you don't want to allow to be connected.
  • Configure the bandwidth and limit it so that no devices can use more than others.
  • Share videos making the most of the wireless connectivity of your network.

One of the most noteworthy functions of this program is that any video stored on our computer can be sent over the WiFi network to any other device to be played there.

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